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Decoration offers

Basic Decoration

- Balloons and ribbons are distributed around on doors, chairs, tables, and anywhere a balloon can be tied! (Up to 100 balloons)

- The colors of balloons and ribbons can match your theme, but no special prints are included in this package.

- One of our artists arrives on the same day as your event and will typically spend an hour decorating. 

Price: 60 JDs


* Printable Backdrop (any theme): 48 JDs

* 1 Printable Pedestal Stand (Cylinder) : 25 JDs

* 1 Balloon Garland (Arc or half-arc): 48 JDs

* 1 Balloon Column (or Row) (1.8m high): 15 JDs

* Birthday Cake Table (120x60cm): 15 JDs

* Printable Welcome Board (with stand) : 25 JDs

* Kids tables and chairs: 35 JDs

* Large Wooden Letters (1m high): 10 JDs/letter

* Photo booth (Themed photo frame with props): 48 JDs

* Custom-themed piñata: 60 JDs


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